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Revive Your Deck: Restoring and Refinishing Old & Weathered Wood

by Rebecca
Revive Your Deck: Restoring and Refinishing Old & Weathered Wood

Is your deck looking tired and weathered after years of outdoor adventures? Don't worry; Timbashield is here to help you bring it back to life! In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of restoring and refinishing your old and weathered deck. 


Get ready to rediscover the joy of spending time on your deck, as we share expert tips, product recommendations, and step-by-step instructions to revive its former glory.


Step One: Assessing the Condition and Preparing your Deck

Before diving into the restoration process, assess the current condition of your deck. Identify areas of wear, splintering, and discoloration, which will help determine the necessary repairs and refinishing steps.


A thorough cleaning is crucial to remove dirt, debris, mould, and mildew from the deck's surface. Utilise a powerful deck cleaner and follow the cleaning guide for best results.


Don’t forget to address any damaged or loose boards and replace them as needed. Tighten loose screws and hammer in any protruding nails to ensure a safe and sturdy deck.


Next, you’ll need to smooth out any rough areas and remove old finishes with proper sanding. Choose the right grit sandpaper for your deck and get ready to stain your deck.


You can find out more about preparing your decking here.


Step Two: Choosing the Right Stain & the Application Process

Select the ideal Timbashield Decking Protector that complements your outdoor space and provides the level of protection your deck needs. Choose from our three shades for the ultimate protection and natural looking finish.


Learn the art of applying deck stain evenly and efficiently. Our staining guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a flawless finish that brings out the wood's rich tones. Here’s how to apply your wood stain:


Apply the product to wood that is completely dry. Ensure the temperature is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius and there is no imminent rain forecast. Make sure that you do not apply your stain in damp or humid conditions. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying and durability of the finish.


Ensure your stain is applied with a brush. Start in the furthest corner and using a good quality brush, apply along the length of the board in the direction of the grain. Brush out thoroughly and do not leave pooling or any areas flooded, as this may lead to patchiness. 


Apply a second coat within 4-6 hours. The second coat may be slightly more difficult to apply due to the water repellent nature of the first coat. Brush back and forth to work the product into the coating below and allow the second coat to be deposited. 


Due to the uneven surface of decking, two coats are required to ensure full coverage and optimum performance. 


Allow 24 hours until walking on the surface and replacing furniture. Hard abrasion should be avoided, and heavy furniture should not be places on the decking for a week after application. 


** Low temperatures, increased humidity and ingredients of some wood types may increase drying time.


Final Thoughts

Reviving your old and weathered deck is a rewarding project that adds value to your outdoor space and enhances your overall enjoyment of your garden. With Timbashield's expertise and premium products, transforming your deck is easier than ever before. So, roll up your sleeves and embark on the journey of deck restoration with Timbashield!


Remember, a well-maintained deck not only beautifies your home but also creates cherished memories with loved ones. Embrace the process, and let your deck become the heart of your outdoor living space once again. Happy reviving!


Got any questions? Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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