Introducing Timbashield: Premium Wood Stains and Treatments

by Rebecca
Introducing Timbashield: Premium Wood Stains and Treatments

Quality Woodcare, Crafted to Perfection.

Introducing Timbashield, your trusted premium brand of exterior wood stain and treatments.

Timbashield is a range of woodcare products that has been carefully crafted to preserve, protect, and stain garden timber. We understand that your garden is like an extension of your home and with that in mind, we have formulated a range of products that you can rely on to make your garden look fantastic for longer, come rain or shine.

Crafted for Quality, Trusted by many.

With over 50 years’ experience and a strong reputation across the UK, you can trust that Timbashield will deliver uncompromising quality and a strong performance that your garden deserves.

What can you expect from the Timbashield range?

  • Solvent based stain – Our solvent based wood stains are designed to enhance and protect the look of wood. All colours are compatible with each other, allowing you to create your own unique shade, or simply lightening the shade by mixing our clear product with any other coloured wood stain in the range. Discover our range of wood protection products to keep your garden timber protected and looking fresher, for longer.
  • Water based preserver – Our ready-to-use, water-based preserving primer is designed to protect and preserve your garden timber from weathering, fungal growth, mould, and woodworm for up to 5 years. Overcoating is possible with all products in the Timbashield range - solvent and water-based. Discover our range of exterior wood products.
  • High-quality water-based stains – Our treatments can be used on most outdoor timber ranging from sheds, fences, and general garden furniture to specific areas in the garden, such as decking. The treatments can create water-repellent barriers, a high UV resistant finish, prevents dry-film fungal growth and protects against discolouration – perfect for most outdoor wood types.
  • Easy to apply – Products have been designed for easy application to give excellent coverage, drying quickly and being odourless when dry.
  • Timbashield guarantee – Timbashield provides premium wood treatments that is made from a combination of colour pigmentation and waterproofing protection.

FAQs about Timbashield

How can Timbashield products be used?

The Timbashield range is the perfect choice for sheds, fences, general garden furniture and more. They can be used alone or in combination to enhance the finish, appearance, and weather resistance to protect the wood all year round.

What do I need to stain my timber?

Did you know that the types of tools you use to apply your wood stain can affect the overall application? Why not browse our application tools such as brushes to ensure an even coverage?

What if I don’t want to change the colour of my wood?

If you are looking for a timber treatment that nourishes the wood without depositing any pigment, we would also recommend looking at our clear wood treatments. Clear treatments can bring out the natural colour of the grain, so we strongly recommend that you apply to a small discreet area (and allow it to dry) prior to extensive use.

How much product will I need to achieve my desired result?

The type of product which is used, the surface to be treated, and depth of colour desired will all have an influence on how much product is needed. Find out how much product you may need by using our coverage calculator – simply click on the product, scroll down, and complete the form.

Discover our family of products today

Why not browse through our vast product range and discover what Timbashield has to offer?

Don’t forget to pick up some paint brushes before you reach the check out!

If you are still unsure, get in touch via our website where our friendly team will be more than happy to assist.

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