Out with the Old, In the the New - Timbashield Gets a Fresh New Look

by Rebecca
Out with the Old, In the the New - Timbashield Gets a Fresh New Look

Following the launch of Timbashield as its own brand, we wanted to provide a deeper insight into what you can expect from us.

Timbashield Gets a Fresh New Look

As the nation was ordered to stay at home in 2020, demand for our trusted solvent-based wood stain exploded, gathering momentum. Since then, we have worked hard to enhance our range and refresh our brand identity. This blog will give you the first glimpse of that, plus what products you can expect from Timbashield. 

What can I expect from the Timbashield launch?

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes updating the look and feel of Timbashield, and how we can expand our current offering. In the meantime, we have detailed the key changes you can expect:

Timbashield Solvent Based Wood Stain

Our iconic solvent-based wood stains have been one of our best sellers and trusted by many.

Product display of the old Timbashield range

We’re pleased to share that we have given the product a new lease of life with a brand-new name, Timbashield Wood Protector, plus two new colours to try! Our formula remains the same, ensuring that your wood is completely protected, and the beauty of its natural grain is enhanced.

Our shade range includes the following:

  • Clear
  • Dark Oak
  • Golden
  • Golden Brown
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Red Cedar
  • *NEW* Chestnut Brown
  • *NEW* Forest Green

Timbashield Wood Preserver

Our classic water-based wood preserver will remain the same – just wrapped in our brand-new packaging!

Our formula will still ensure your outdoor timber is protected from woodworm, moulds, wood destroying and discolouring blue stain fungi. 

Waving Goodbye

If you are an existing Timbashield customer, you will be aware of our Tanashield and Deckshield products. We will no longer be selling these products; however, we promise it’s not all bad news…

New Additions to the Timbashield Family

We are thrilled to share three exciting new additions to the Timbashield family of products.

First up, we have our new Decking Protector, a high-performance water-based decking stain made from a blend of waxes and natural oils to provide long term exterior protection.

The Decking Protector will come in three shades, leaving a natural looking surface including ‘Natural’, ‘Rustic Oak’ and ‘Jacobean’.

Next, we have our Shed and Fence Protector. This product is perfect for those large areas of rough sawn wood such as fences and sheds. With just one coat, it will nourish the wood with a blend of natural oils and waxes, depositing UV absorbing pigments to enhance, brighten and leave a long-lasting finish.

Our Shed and Fence Protector will come in six shades including ‘Ebony’, ‘Golden Honey’, ‘Juniper Green’, ‘Nutmeg’, ‘Spiced Cedar’, and ‘Walnut’.

Finally, there is our Water Sealer. As you may already know, water accelerates the rotting process within wood, causing it to swell and shrink, ultimately creating cracks and damage to the surface. 

By using our transparent Water Sealer, your wood will be protected from the effects of water for 10+ years. The product has been designed with protection in mind, using silicone technology to seal the wood against future damage from water absorption.


Final Words

Finally, we want to say thank you. The reason we have been able to share this exciting news is because of our wonderful customers who have bought from the Timbashield brand. While we think about where we are now and look towards the future, we are especially thankful to you for helping us reach this stage. 

As always, the Timbashield team will be hard at work, with the mission of providing our premium treatments and stains. We always love hearing from you so drop us a line anytime via our email or social medias (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

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