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Water Sealer


Water accelerates the rotting process within wood, causing it to swell and shrink, causing cracking and damage to the surface. Timbashield Water Sealer reduces this effect and increases the lifespan of the wood that has been treated.

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  • Timbashield Water Sealer is a high performance, transparent water sealer and repellent. It will not crack, peel or blister due to the penetration into the wood.
  • Water Sealer uses silicone technology that is designed specifically for use on wood to seal the wood against damage from water absorption over time by keeping the water content in the wood very low.
  • Proven to protect wood from the effects of water for 10+ years.
Directions for Use

Surface Preparation

New Bare Timber: Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from contamination.

Previously Coated Timber: Timbashield Water Sealer has been designed to be used on bare, uncoated timber so it can soak deeply into the wood fibres and give optimum performance. Any old, loose or peeling coatings should be sanded back and the quality of the sanding will influence the finished result. If not totally removed only some of the water sealer may be absorbed, leading to issues such as patchiness and localised areas of water ingress.

Surfaces already coated with microporous stain should be allowed to naturally weather for at least a year and do not need the additional sanding step and just need to be thoroughly cleaned before reapplication.

Old Timber: Wood that has decayed or become damaged should be removed and replaced. Brush with a stiff brush to remove any dirt that has become ingrained. Mould, algae and fungi must be removed and treated with a suitable wood cleaner.

Please note that the due to the differences in porosity of some wooden surfaces, rough sawn, absorbent wood may require a higher volume of product. This is due to how much product is absorbed. A test patch is always recommended.


Apply the product onto dry wood when there is no imminent rain forecast and in temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.  Do not apply in damp or humid conditions. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying and durability of the finish.

Ensure surrounding areas are protected during application. Shake/ mix the container thoroughly before use and frequently during application.

Brush: Always use a good quality brush that is recommended for use on the surface type to be treated. Saturate the brush and apply evenly in the direction of the wood grain, brushing out thoroughly. Allow the product to penetrate the wood and leave to dry before applying the next coat. Under normal conditions this should take 4-6 hours, but it will be shower proof within an hour.

Low temperatures, increased humidity and ingredients of some wood types may increase drying time.


During application, remove any excess with a clean cloth. Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately and brushes washed with soap and water.

Storage and Shelf Life

The product should be stored in tightly closed original containers at temperatures above 5°c and below 30°c. Recommended shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture. If you wish to use the product after extended storage, bring the container to room temperature and stir well. Trial before use.

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Product Details & Features

Reducing the level of water in the wood naturally reduces the level of organic growth associated with damp surfaces, extending the lifespan of the wood.

Applies easily and soaks in quickly and with less dripping, allowing you to complete your project fast and with less mess.

Water Sealer is designed to prevent damage caused by water. It does not prevent the natural greying of the wood that is caused by UV radiation due to its transparent nature, although it does make greying more uniform.

Note: The finished surface is influenced by several factors including wood species, previous treatments that may have been used, and the condition of the wood, therefore a trial application is always required.

Waterproofing Technology

Timbashield Water Sealer is based on the latest in silicone technology.
Penetrates the wood and builds up protection from within to stop water ingress and prevent rotting.
Dramatically reduces water absorption into the wood.

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Additional Information

Safety Data Sheet

Type: PDF
Name: Timbashield - Water Sealer
Date: 26-07-2022
File: Download Sheet

Technical Specification

Product Type: Water Sealer

Base: Water-Based

Usage: Most exterior wood types- rough and smooth

Application: Brush

Dry time: Completely dry in 24 hours

Coat time: Recoatable in 4-6 hour under normal conditions

Number of coats: 1-2 (untreated wood)

Colour: Clear

VOC level: Trace

Health & Safety Information

EUH208 Contains reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7]and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1). May produce an allergic reaction.


Do I have to see water beading on the surface of the wood to know the water sealer is working?

No. Water beading does not always mean waterproof. It is observed due differences in surface tension of water on a substrate and this can be caused by many things. A better test is to wet the treated surface and a patch that is untreated. If they both darken, another layer is needed. If the treated area does not change colour then we know water is no longer being absorbed, and the sealer is allowing water to be ejected rather than soaked in.

Can I paint or stain my wood after using Timbashield Water Sealer?

Only if the surface has weathered first. But please be aware that due to the silicone in the water sealer, overcoats may sit on top rather than absorbing into the wood, pooling on the surface, impairing levelling and leaving a patchy finish. We do not recommend using it as a primer. 

Can I use this on my decking?

We do not recommend using Timbashield Water Sealer on decking as it may make the surface slippery. For decking we recommend Timbashield Decking Protector.

Can I use this as a top coat on an already painted fence?

This is not recommended. If the surface already has a treatment it would need fully removing and sanding back to bare wood to allow the water sealer to soak into the wood. If not done sufficiently the performance will be reduced.